Encrypting Secrets

Meltano Cloud is currently in Beta.

While in Beta, functionality is not guaranteed and subject to change.
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This document covers information on encrypting secrets in your Meltano secrets.yml file.

Components for Encryption #

Encryption Method #

Use the meltano-cloud config env set --key <SECRET_NAME> --value <SECRET_VALUE> CLI command to set configuration secrets.

Note: The value can be passed in directly or via an environment variable. If you have an environment variable set locally called TEST_SECRET, the example to set it would be meltano-cloud config env set --key TEST_SECRET --value $TEST_SECRET.

This will set secrets via the .env file at runtime for a job or schedule.

You can list and delete secrets configured as well.

meltano-cloud config env list
meltano-cloud config env delete <SECRET_NAME>

Secrets cannot be decrypted after they are set. If you need to change a secret, you can set the secret again.

Reserved Variables #

See the reserved variables docs for more details on variables that are reserved for use by Meltano Cloud.