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2023 Q4 Updates and Changes

Meltano Inc. is now Arch Data Inc.

We've changed our company name to Arch (or Arch Data if you're the government)! We did this for a number of reasons, many of which we detailed in a few blog posts.

For those of you in the Meltano community we recommend you checkout this post on the Meltano blog. There's also a post on the new Arch blog which details our vision behind this new product and how we got to this point.

The TL;DR is that the Meltano project and community that you know and love aren’t going anywhere. Arch is built on top of Meltano and we can’t bring data engineering capabilities to software teams without great underlying data engineering tooling.

This also means that Meltano Cloud is also changing names to Arch. We will have a separate site and changelog for updates there while this changelog will still be used for relevant community updates around Meltano, the SDK, and the Hub.



  • Added the Ticketswap variant of tap-delighted - Hub Link
  • Added the akurdyukov variant of tap-clickhouse - Hub Link
  • Added the Stitch Data variant of tap-googleads - Hub Link
  • Added the Automattic variant of tap-upwork - Hub Link
  • Added the Storebrand variant of tap-pxwebapi - Hub Link
  • Added the Storebrand variant of tap-ssb-klass - Hub Link


  • Added the Automattic variant of target-hdfs - Hub Link


  • Added a PowerBI Extension used to trigger a refresh of a dataset - Hub Link


We shipped 1 release of the SDK: