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Before you can use Meltano, you’ll need to get it installed. We have a complete installation guide that covers all the possibilities, virtual environments and using pipx; this guide will guide you to a fast installation that will work for the tutorial.

Install Meltano

Use the following command to check that you have a supported Python version installed:

python --version

Meltano supports all versions of Python that have not yet reached their end-of-life date. Refer to the official Python documentation for when versions of Python will reach end-of-life.

Not all plugins support the latest versions of Python.

Since Meltano is an application, it should always be installed into a clean virtual environment without any other packages installed alongside it.

To simplify installing Meltano into a clean virtual environment, pipx can be used to install Meltano instead of pip. pip is a package installer that comes automatically with Python. pipx is a wrapper around pip which cleanly installs executable Python applications (such as Meltano) into their own virtual environments.

$ pipx install "meltano"
---> 100%
successfully installed meltano

More Information

To understand details of the installation, like mounting a docker volume to work long-term with the docker image, view the detailed installation guide.

Next Steps

Once you're set up, head over to the tutorial to learn how to initialize your first project and start to import data.

$ pip install --upgrade pip
Requirement already satisfied.
$ pip install "meltano"
---> 100%
successfully installed meltano