Before you can use Meltano, you’ll need to get it installed. We have a complete installation guide that covers all the possibilities, virtual environments and using pipx; this guide will guide you to a fast installation that will work for the tutorial.

Install Meltano #

Use the following command to check that you have a supported Python version installed:

python --version

Meltano supports all versions of Python that have not yet reached their end-of-life date. Refer to the official Python documentation for when versions of Python will reach end-of-life.

Not all plugins support the latest versions of Python.

  • Since Meltano is an application, it should always be installed into a clean virtual environment without any other packages installed alongside it.

    To simplify installing Meltano into a clean virtual environment, pipx can be used to install Meltano instead of pip. pip is a package installer that comes automatically with Python. pipx is a wrapper around pip which cleanly installs executable Python applications (such as Meltano) into their own virtual environments.

    ```console $ pipx install "meltano" ---> 100% successfully installed meltano ```
  • We maintain the meltano/meltano Docker image on Docker Hub, which comes with Python and Meltano pre-installed.

    To get the latest version of Meltano, pull the latest tag. Images for specific versions of Meltano are tagged v<major>.<minor>.<patch>, e.g. v2.19.0. Add a -python3.X suffix to the image tag to change the python version, e.g. latest-python3.9. To get the latest minor or patch version, omit that value from the version number, e.g. v2 for the latest Meltano v2.*.* image, or v2.19 for the latest Meltano v2.19.* image

    ```console $ docker pull meltano/meltano latest: Pulling from meltano/meltano ---> 100% Status: Downloaded newer image for meltano/meltano:latest $ docker run meltano/meltano --version meltano, version 2.19.0 ```
  • Meltano provides a Python package that can be installed using pip.

    To avoid dependency conflicts, please ensure Meltano is installed into a clean Python virtual environment.

    ```console $ pip install --upgrade pip Requirement already satisfied. $ pip install "meltano" ---> 100% successfully installed meltano ```

More Information #

To understand details of the installation, like mounting a docker volume to work long-term with the docker image, view the detailed installation guide.

Next Steps #

Once you’re set up, head over to the tutorial to learn how to initialize your first project and start to import data.