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Contributor Guide

Thank you for your interest in contributing! Meltano is built for and by its community, and we welcome your contributions to the project. Read on to find out how to get started.

Code of Conduct

Before getting started, please make sure you review our Code of Conduct. Everyone interacting in Slack, codebases, issue trackers, mailing lists, events, or other Meltano activities is expected to follow this code of conduct. If you are unable to abide by the code of conduct set forth here, we encourage you not to participate in the community. If you see a violation please notify us by messaging @Sven Balnojan on Slack.

Ways to Contribute

There are multiple ways to contribute to Meltano:

We also invite you to open issues and pull requests on any of our repositories to report bugs, suggest new ideas and features, or fix issues you encounter.

There are also several community events you may be interested in:

Where do I start?

If you'd like to contribute, but you're not sure what, check out the list of open issues labeled Accepting Pull Requests. Any other improvements are welcome too, of course, so simply asking yourself "What could have been better while I was using Meltano?" is another good way to come up with ideas.

If an issue for your problem or suggested improvement doesn't exist yet on our issue tracker, please file a new one before submitting a pull request, so that the team and community are aware of your plan and can help you figure out the best way to realize it.

Searching for something to work on?

Start off by looking at our "Accepting Pull Requests" label. Keep in mind that this is only a suggestion: all improvements are welcome.

Contribution Guides

The following guides have information to help get you up and running and ready to contribute.